Why, you must!

Oh my god!

 Best chocolate ice cream, ever! I had two popsicles today.

Since I was up the road at Bar Stories (which is a few doors down from my new office), I swung by White Room today and had to have another taste (from yesterday) of the chocolate-coconut flavoured popsicle by Popaganda. They make popicles using only fresh fruit! I had my first helping at Lins Smoodees, which serves yummy raw organic veggie smoothies.

While at White Room,I got acquainted with Urica’s pets – Nylon, the pooch, and Wendi, the cat. It’s really a clothing store selling locally-(well-)designed men and women’s wear, with a popsicle fridge!

Hello Nylon!

Wendi, who isn't terribly fond of Nylon taking over his space

When you’re in the vicinity, do drop by 37 Haji Lane to get a fruity popsicle fix! Do try the lychee-beet flavour if its not already sold out!

Just a word of warning if you try the super scrumptious chocolate-coconut flavour. Do check your teeth afters, because there is a tendency for the chocolaty coconutty bits to get lodged in your teeth. After my two consecutive servings, I looked like I had a horrible tobacco habit. My packet of floss really came in handy today!

At this rate, I’ll need to check myself into Popsical Anonymous.


4 thoughts on “Why, you must!

  1. Hi Olivia,

    it’s us at Popaganda here. We would just like to let you know that we are doing a donation drive for the Children’s Charities Association at Whiteroom- basically you get to eat a popsicle, and whatever you choose to donate will benefit them!

    Please help us spread the word if possible.
    But it’s only at Whiteroom.

    thank you.

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