Some people love their condiments, especially sauce, and would definitely appreciate this concept.

As much as it comes across like a restaurant with great dips, it’s a bit more than that. “First and foremost, it’s a bar”, I was told during the tour, but it’s also a grill. SAUCE has a handsome full restaurant menu, and sauces – 17 different types – all made in-house. While the menu offers a lot of meat, pescetarians and vegetarians can go for the salmon and the portobello mushroom burger, respectively.

The premises feature a few bar areas, and plenty of seating, both indoor and outdoors. There’s also a takeaway kiosk, which caters to peoples who need a quick bite, such as those attending the theatre shows at The Esplanade, or perhaps random hungry persons.

Eventually, they’re looking to offer Sunday brunch,  as well as have a deejay on board to inject a party vibe. Cool view, and rather punchy… I suppose I wouldn’t have expected anything less from the folks behind The Butter Factory.

Eve and I got to preview the restaurant before the 19 July launch date and sampled some of the sauces, waffle fries, nachos, chicken wings, mini burgers, and sausages. Eve was the carnivore, naturally.  While I didn’t have a substantial meal because the sample menu was mostly meat, I was comforted by a tasty cocktail called Dirty Lemonade, and yummy Melcher’s wheat beer (yes, if you must know… I had them both at the same time).

My first stop. The bar! For a beer and cocktail.

The long bar (image courtesy of Sauce Bar)

The great indoors

Lots of cosy seating indoors

There's a very relaxed vibe throughout

Hot buns and snaggers

Eve! We had a nice spot by the bar

These sauces are so awesome. My favourite would be the spicy manuka, even though I don't fancy chillies

Eve being a hand model

We had every food item they had to offer. Thanks to greedy Eve

Waffle fries!


We bumped into Estelle

Do check it out when it’s open, in a couple of week’s. It’s located at 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, #01-10/12.

Nice seats to watch gorgeous peoples strolling past

I love the quirky furniture (Image courtesy of Sauce Bar)


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