Hankering for a business phone…

Sometime in April, I was invited to attend a Nokia-Singapore Tatler event as a member of the Nokia E7 Success Circle where I (very gratefully) was given a complimentary handset to use. Perfect timing, really, as I was on the lookout for a new business phone to replace my older Nokia handset.

I was mulling over a Nokia, Blackberry or the iPhone, but I generally prefer the Nokia, because of the company’s eco creds. For now, I’ll be sticking to this phone. I like the Qwerty keyboard – two fingered typing beats one-thumbed typing!

I do wish that the phone battery lasted longer though. I hear that it’s normal for touchscreen phones to be charged daily because power drains so quickly from using the applications. My trusty old Nokia N79 can last three days without juicing. So I have to keep an eye on my E7 battery life when I’m out, and I keep all phone calls brief if I have to stay out most of the day.

The event was a pretty cosy affair, and was held at Tower Club. I had a really nice time.  Here are the photos as featured in June’s issue of Singapore Tatler.


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