Beer merch!

Save water, drink beer! I was tempted to get one of the quirky t-shirts at Beerfest Asia, but I couldn’t be bothered to queue and get tokens changed, and so it is, no t-shirt for me! Beerfest ran from Thursday to Sunday last week at The Singapore Flyer, and was like a beer casino, with tokens resembling casino chips floating around.

I do love beer, and I couldn’t pass up attending Beerfest! I never had so much beer in one night! I drank honeydew beer, lychee beer, and all sorts and of tasty beer, and had the best time!

I went there to catch up with Jojo, and Jacq (who’d left early), but bumped into several familiar faces. I made some along the way too.

A kind and friendly stranger who made sure that Jojo got his drink tokens

Happy after my first beer, from Meantime

Bumped into Keith and his friends. Here we are with one of the exhibitors

There were great performances all night long, and a comedy club lineup

The area where we sat. Packed!

Later in the night, I bumped into Trip and Chris, among others

Somewhere in the VIP section (which I'd crashed, thanks to ninja nimbleness - or more believably, negligence by the bouncers) I bumped into Nigel

Jojo and Jacq drank $50 worth of Jaegermeisters (more than pictured)

After plentiful of drinks, some people behave like this...

Or like this.... whoever that guy is!

I’d spent more than 5 hours there in total, and always had a drink in my hand. Luckily for me, I was not overly embarrassing, and didn’t suffer a hangover.

Totally looking forward to next year’s y’all!!


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