Friends I can talk trash with… okay, a few of them…

I used to see Fenix, Eve and Jojo everyday at work 4 years back, and now it’s a once a month affair if our conscience kicks in. So I save my verbal diarrhoea for that special date, and then go on autopilot once I see them!

It was Eve’s husband’s – Ted’s – birthday. Since he is Peranakan, the bunch of us – sans Jojo – went to celebrate at the unassuming, award-winning Peranakan restaurant, The Blue Ginger, which would’ve been the worst place to ask for less spicy food. He/she might’ve had to slightly bastardise the recipe because of this one fussy woman. The test was also for my tastebuds, on how much spice I could stomach before (undaintily) throwing back helpings of water.

I did quite well, in my opinion. And I lovelovelove the place. The food was spectacular, as was the service. I’ll definitely be back!

Peranakan birthday boy Ted and not-so-compliant wifey Eve (who in this pic pretends to be sheepish, she is not Peranakan but has been secretly learning the ropes)

A yummy array: Otak-otak, Kueh Pie-Ti, some prawny, fishy, and veggie items.

Fenix being Fenix. I would have used a more full frontal pic, but he wouldn

Fenix was too heavy handed with the Gula Melaka in his Chendol and it ended up tasting like my Gula Melaka dessert! WTH!

Fenix is moving to KL for a bit, and we’ll be sad to see him go. The good news is, I will be going to KL next month, likely together with Eve, and so we can do this all over again.

After dinner, we decided to go around the corner to O’bama’s!

Being folks who love their beer, this was a most suitable place for us to kick back for a bit.

At O


Always hilarious and nonsensical. Just add Fenix!

Bidding Fenix goodbye. Till next time, you critter!

A lovely day out with somewhat of a dysfunctional family. As of the second I turned my back to them, I began looking forward to the next session of namecalling and pointed insults…


4 thoughts on “Friends I can talk trash with… okay, a few of them…

  1. Yay, let’s go KL and trash Fenix’s place hahah but we must keep Jojo on a leash in case he goes around like a crazy rottie looking for trouble!

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