Talk to my ass, because my hand is sick!

That was one of the interesting things I’d learnt about the French and their language on Saturday night when I went out with my visiting ex-boyfriend, Bennet, and a married couple that he’d met in Hong Kong, where he lives.

It’s a French phrase, they explained, and as you would have guessed by now, it’s an extension of the phrase “Talk to the hand ’cause the face don’t give a damn!”!

The wifey is French, and the husband, Swedish. Throughout the night, the ongoing bantering and cultural references between the two were hilarious. I felt I had to join in, and take a few well-deserved jabs at Bennet!

We started the night at Ku De Ta, where there is more attitude at the door than club ambiance. Of all the rooftop bars in Singapore, I find it one of the least inspiring places to visit. One waiter helped me with my phone reception, but otherwise the place had nothing praiseworthy, and there isn’t much value add on top of their city views.

We went to Brussels Sprouts afters and enjoyed the amazing card tricks by the resident magician. That place has great food and service, and I always love going back there.

For after dinner drinks, we went to Bar Stories of course! Jacq and I are renting an office space next door, and I suspect we will be frequenting the bar more often than our office! I had my usual Honeydew Sake, and tried their Buttermilk, which was very nice but a little strong for me. Despite how busy they were, the service was warm and my company enjoyed their time there immensely.

With Bennet, Kristoffer and Christine

Leg two of the night continued at Blu Jaz, where I joined Jacq and company. Sanjay and Jing just got back from a 3-week honeymoon, it’s been aaages! I caught them at the tail end of the night and most people were sloshed by the time I’d arrived!! Some of us ditched our shoes and went barefoot on the dancefloor.  Short night, but hella fun!

With Jojo, who was so drunk the night before, he drank someone else's drink while in the smoking room.

There was a hen's night. And my female friends kept spanking her, and she kept fluffing her tutu in their faces. So random!!

Cute as a button Alyssa and wonder woman Jing! They were two of the more sober peoples of the bunch!

Sanjay, who's ready to call it a night.

This is how you own a dancefloor. Start with a club which is almost empty! Ok, we don't even know who that guy is.

Never let a drunkard take a photo!

Example #2!


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