Girls’ pizza night!

Hands down, the quirkiest woman I know

Friday night was spent with Hsiaoying, aka The Grand Dame, and purveyor of fine vintage dresses and accessories. I get all my vintage wear from her store, Granny’s Day Out, where they stock good stuff at affordable prices.

She said she felt like pizza, and so we ended up at Da Paolo’s Pizza Bar at Jalan Merah Saga. Being me, I went to the wrong Da Paolo’s, and being Da Paolo’s, they forgave my oversight by waiving the fee of my juice, and the maître d’ even walked me most of the way to the pizzeria. Now that’s service! I was very impressed, and I’ll be back for sure. The Pizza Bar’s service wasn’t as stellar, I must admit. One of the waiters (a gentleman with a moustache) seemed impatient, the chef was nice and friendly though.

We started off our meal with their caprese salad. I love this dish so much that I sometimes prepare this at home for lunch, seeing it’s so easily to “build”. We have a basil plant at home, along with other herbs, and so at least there’s a guaranteed freshness for one part of the dish!

One of my favourite foods in the universe!

Happy food

Seeing they were out of the vegetable pizza (and I don’t eat meat, and didn’t feel like seafood), I ordered a margherita pizza. Did the posey thing as a joke.

Me doing a cheesy food shot. For some reason, my forehead looks pretty big here

Hsiaoying said that when she had first met me, I came across as a demure, quality woman… but upon getting to know me better, she realised that she’d gotten it terribly wrong. That night, I sought to reverse her existing impression of me. Which would entail keeping my mouth shut, and not exhibiting my boorish laughter. Too hard!! Someone once told me that my voice doesn’t match my face. I suppose trying to convince Hsiaoying is a lost cause.

Trying to pass off as a "quality woman"

We ended our night curbside-browsing homes in Oei Tiong Ham Park, Bin Tong Park, Leedon Park and the area around it, and we looked like Thelma and Louise planning a burglary!!


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