Superfoods Revolution!

Just under two weeks ago, Alyssa, Jacq and myself went to One-Ninety at Four Seasons for a Superfoods Revolution lunch. I almost missed out on the last day of this promotion because my photoshoot for Glow Magazine (as part of a Watson’s ‘do) went longer than expected, and I made it just before the cut off time to order my main course of spirulina noodles. It sounds yuck, but it was super yum!

As we waited on the mains, dessert seemed like a good idea, and we went to town selecting from their wide range… it was like we were trying to conquer candy mountain!! As my moms always says nags, “If you eat sweets before your meal you’ll ruin your appetite!” MYTH! I love sweets and healthy food so much that the sequence don’t really matter to me! As you might know by now, when it comes to raw food and superfoods, I would pay a stuuuupid amount of money to have a healthy meal… although I put toxins like alcohol and processed food through my system more than I really should. I’m trying to change that though! Work in progress!

A tasty cake and chocolate mousse. I'd describe it better, if only my memory wasn't so bad!

I could’ve sworn that I had taken more photos of the food, perhaps I’d taken it with Alyssa’s camera. My phone camera doesn’t have an autofocus function so the pics are quite blurry.

Yummy chocolate cake

By the time the food came, we were pretty stuffed, and I ate as much of it as I could. The spirulina noodles was absolutely delish, and the avocado that came with it was the best I’d ever tasted!

Happy with dessert!

These falsies are obscuring my vision!!! Using my tastebuds to sense where my food is!!!(Photo taken from Alyssa)

Eating all this food made me want to check out SuperNature for its organic and natural skincare range, as well as food mart, which I did afters. I made the acquaintance of what seemed like the store manager, and we had a good chat about community gardening, politics, and organic food. Nice chap named Mark!

With the two cuties! (Photo courtesy of Alyssa)

Check out SuperNature sometime, they have really interesting products… including horsemilk!

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