Love this bar!

One of my kooky friends, Lynette, introduced us to this place some months back, but only found our way to this bar recently. Since Klee closed, I’ve been looking for a bar that serves decent cocktails. Bar Stories at Haji Lane totally hits the spot and deserves my monies!

Jeff, who manages the bar, is a friend of Brenda’s, and he’s very nice and appropriately chatty, I like him!

Nice setup

I was there for two consecutive weekends. The first time there was spent with Pam, Brenda and Jacq, and the second time, with Martyn, someone I’d met when I was 15, at a time when I was big on local bands and he was a sub-editor at Big O magazine. After almost half my lifetime of losing touch, we met once again at Food#03 a couple years back, although he doesn’t recall our initial brief acquaintance! I did look very different I suppose, and judging by the way I looked back then, I’d like to forget myself too… and so I forgive him!

Besides Jeff, they have some great bar staff, like this bartender. She's got a lot of character, and a blowtorch in a bottle. Do not piss her off.

Jeff, da man with da magic moves!

Pam in this photo looks like she's going to heaven...

A cosy nook on the quieter side of the bar

Check it out at 57A Haji Lane, and do try the Honeydew Sake. It’s tooooo good, addictive, and unforgettable!


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