Taking the partay all the way to the top

Birthday girl!

I had a pretty subdued weekend compared to the one before, since I am still nursing a flu, and funnily enough, so are all my closest friends! We are all trying to figure out where/whom we all caught it from! I even had to skip out on a marathon that I was so looking forward to, in favour of some R&R.

So before we fell ill in unison, we got together for Alyssa’s birthday at 1-Altitude, the highest bar in Singapore. The theme was “1920’s”, and most ladies turned up in a flapper style outfit, while gents rocked up with a hat and in formal wear.

View to a kill from our seat!

Being ourselves!

Sanjay and I swapping head ornaments, sitting with the beautiful Sara! (Photo plundered from Joanne Kok)

Someone got carried away, and brought along two water pistols, which then became the source of unhappiness and frustration for strangers in the line of fire… after one of them fell into Jacq’s hands. Let’s see her in action!

Caught in the act!

Sara tries to beam the troublemaker away!

Without much success, so they accepted her trigger happiness. Party on!

And we caught her off guard.

Not the only one with a penchant for guns... finger bang!

Low on bullets, and here she is juicing up her gun with long island tea "shots"

No one is safe!

The interesting French-speaking gentlemen who helped me get in for free

Bonnie & Clyde!

The whole night was so much fun, and after all the chasing and dodging of Jacq and her water pistol, it was time for supper before heading home.

Good night, y'all!


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