Full Moon Partay!

Full moon, behbe!

It is said that the moon is influential on our behaviour, and some people behave wilder than usual. It wasn’t the case for me, but perhaps I was so distracted by so many peoples’ radical behaviour to notice my own!

Definitely a big night. Definitely.

Toasting... to a long night ahead... for our livers!

I love Tanjong Beach Club, but what I don’t love is the commute from home, the $3 Sentosa toll, and the post-midnight price of the cab home… and so I don’t visit as much as I’d like to. It’s been quite a while since my last visit, and I was really glad to be back. The place was packed with so many good looking people, new faces, and I ran into several friends there.

But to the real reason why I was there – Sanjay and Jing officiated their wedding earlier that day, and decided to get the whole bunch down for a celebration. And when Sanjay is in da house, it usually means that the partay isn’t going to go down without some hardcore drinking!


This is only part of the party group

The forcefeeding begins...

And goes on...

I took it very easy that night, especially since it wasn’t such a good idea after only 3 hours of sleep from the night before. So I ducked out of the way, and wasn’t subjected to any insistence to go hard!

Enjoy the photos!

A random guy getting some attention from my friends

Bumped into Trip and Pat while there

A cosier photo


Jacq and the awesome waiter

Jacq and I with Uly, whom we love!

Bumped into Mingwei and this other dude that I didn't officially meet

A night of wicked fun!

Alyssa + Uly

Beach bar

Random photo!

Love the head-dress!

Got it for 60 seconds!

All suited up for the beach

Found a blackberry, and its ecstatic Russian owner + other Russian friend + a Brazillian dude

I'm wondering what the theme partay could be?


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