Learning about absinthe on a Saturday night!

Steve wondering where to start looking

Steve and I walked into this quaint bar at Chijmes called The Auld Alliance two weeks ago to have a look, and promised Tessa, the service staff, that we’d be back.

On the weekend, we decided to see how Tessa was, as well as have a sticky beak at how impressive their cache is. They have 1000 different types of alcohol… plus they have cool bar tools from the 19th century, for making absinthe!

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of Tesseron XO cognac, even though I was still nursing a cough. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping it would strangle the virus on the way down my throat! It was very smooth, and not surprisingly, it didn’t improve my condition!

What we had to drink. I had my cognac with warm water, while Steve had his Whisky with cold water

Two ways to have Absinthe: Either a 6-7 minute wait or 45 minute wait

Watching the process

We met the owner Emmanuel, and his visiting sister. They grew up in France, and were always surrounded by their wine-drinking extended family, so they developed a refined palate from a young age. I somehow have the impression that they had grown up on a vineyard, but I think that’s purely my imagination!

That evening, I learned a fair bit about absinthe, how it comes in the colour green or even colourless, how it was popular among poets and painters in France and the Czech Republic,  and also how it was quite the hardcore drink, with noxious fumes.

Overall, I had a great night, and would recommend a visit.

Check it out! It’s at 30 Victoria Street #01-08 Chijmes.


3 thoughts on “Learning about absinthe on a Saturday night!

  1. hey Olivia, thanks for all your comments on this nice evening I share with you two. I still remember it even after my absinth glass! I felt like a 19th century poet after that…
    Vanessa (the visiting sister located in France, Lille -welcome anytime!)

  2. Hi Emmanuel and Vanessa!

    Thanks for visiting! It was lovely meeting you both.

    On nights that I need writing inspiration, I shall turn to absinthe in that case!

    I enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back! Do take care!


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