Loof’s 5th Anniversary Partay

Playing a round of Dildo Toss. There was a third dildo in the middle but I knocked it over with my overzealousness. (Photo courtesy of Nigel Hembrow)

Not your average partay, Loof turned its bar into one with a love hotel-theme for the evening. There was a check-in counter on the first floor, and keys everywhere. And to spice up the evening, there were games for “adults” titled Shotgun Sally, Glory Hole and Dildo Toss, as well as pole dancers. A well executed partay all in.  

I was there with Bren, Steve and Sofiah, and caught up with Nigel and his friends there, and bumped into a few friends, as we do in this small city. I had a nice surprise when a gentleman came up to me and said he reads my blog, but seemed to be in a hurry so I didn’t get his name. Whoever you are, do introduce yourself next time!

Check out my pics, y’all!

Steve & Sofiah, at Chijmes

This partay was indeed very "swee"!

You're meant to stick your hand into this hole and dig for prizes among a goo that contains KY Jelly. It was closed by the time I got there... dang!

The courtesy thing to do, of course!

Throw a velcro ball onto the landing strip? Or in the mouth? This game was closed by the time I'd gotten there too

And your rewards are... drink tickets!

Someone takes Sally for a spin

Bren, Sofiah and Steve

All together now!


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