These photos are long overdue!

Brownie, the only ovulating hen we have (since Willow is as barren as a tree without leaves) hatched three chicks in  late January. Her last batch of six didn’t survive the attack by feral animals, and this time, my brother and I are determined to have them live their full lifespans!

Mr falcon has been doing his occasional rounds in the garden, and while it is a splendid sight, we can’t risk letting the chickens run about without supervision. So they have been cooped up for much longer than we would like.

It’s already eight weeks, and Brownie has abandoned motherhood to frolic with Whitey Bird. It’s a natural phenomenon, and the chicks will have to get used to life without its biological momma, and get used to its surrogate mom, Willow.

Two out, waiting on one more!

Making sure the chicks are warm

One of the chicks being naughty!


*Squeeze* *Squeeze*

It’s slightly bigger than a Balinese statuette.

Brownie is unimpressed, and wants her chick back.

Return to Alcatraz.


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