Another year another partay! Or two!

To be perfectly honest, my birthdays don’t mean that much to me anymore, and instead, it’s just a good excuse to partay up with friends… who seem to want to get me severely drunk. Well, it worked, and I spent my actual birthday in bed till late afternoon, nursing a night of binge drinking and an acute reaction to all the drinks.

It was an absolute accident, and I stand by my statement!

Just two weekends ago, it was supposed to be an easy night of dodgy karaoke at Lucky Plaza with Brit and Bren… but escalated to pandemonium when we turned up at Butter Factory, where several of my friends happened to be. Most whom I hadn’t seen in possibly, a year!

The proper party was scheduled for a week later, at Club Aura, a Thai nightspot that features band and dance performances, with the brief being, to dress really dodgy. Yes, you are right to say that there is a repetitive theme of being, well, dodgy!

Karaoke at Lucky Plaza

Happy Birthday (Loony Tunes version!!!! Thanks to Bren)

Me being shy... which is rare!

At Butter Factory, where I bump into some friends, also celebrating birthdays. My old friend Daniel Mananta was in town!

So yes, I celebrated over two weekends. Well aren’t I greedy and self-important?!

Last week, I was too busy to think about an apt outfit, and I didn’t have time to get one either, except for a wig from Sinma at Peninsula Plaza, which the nice friendly aunties helped me find. I got exactly what I was after, which strangely, resembled what I would call, porn hair. Well, judge for yourselves!

The final look? A dodgy KTV hostess. I received so many leering looks, and I could’ve sworn I felt someone following me for a bit because they thought I was for sale! At least no one will ever recognise me, I know, because my friends couldn’t, and had to do a double take! Good, eh?

With the best dressed for the night, Johahn, in his one piece leather bodysuit, and the other best dressed, Faye!

Fara, Sara, and Jing!

Brit and Hinn! They look dodgy by themselves, and extra dodgy together!

As Johahn put it, this summarises the whole night! It was so good to see Jacq and Matt after so long!

My cover was blown when my wig fell off!

Jing helping me sort it out.

Johahn gets more dodgy by the hour...

I got called on stage because someone dobbed me in! (Photo stolen from Sara!)

If you're wondering how I got my lei! (Photo stolen from Sara)

Blowing candles on a cake we didn't get to eat? (Photo stolen from Sara)

The ladies, Pam, Sara and Fara, having an emotive conversation! We can only guess what they were talking about!

Sven acting reserved, in his snake print shirt!


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