A 13 year-long addiction

Hello you... where do you think you're going??

From the time the very first of The Sims series was launched, I was hooked.

I would be at my PC day and night, manipulating my character, who was very rich, thanks to the cheat “rosebud :;”, a code forever ingrained in my long-term memory!

That was during my time in university, where I’m sure I’d skipped several lectures to advance my virtual standing in society, as I unknowlingly fuelled my micromanaging tendencies in the process. Back then I was in a very stable flatlined relationship but once my attached status was diminished I subsequently put the game aside and  got busy with real life men, until a couple years back, when I was in yet another stable relationship and felt like I could go back to my days of being a teenager and neglecting my partner.

Then no fairytale ending there, and there I was… back to pounding the singleton sidewalk!

But for those of you following this blog, you would know that it didn’t last for long and I met someone so alluring and distracting, I couldn’t put him down in my consciousness.. for a year. Even these days, he barges in on my deep thoughts about the more important things in life, like work, quality time with the chooks, a game of Words With Friends! Perhaps its a case of karma. Oh begone, already!

But sorry, I digressed. So in the last couple months, out of boredom, I downloaded The Sims 3 for the iTouch. I created a man character, likened him to the above-mentioned distraction, and controlled him to the very last discretion. Best guilty pleasure in a long time… till Jerseylicious came along.

So today I was conversing with my long-time friend, Melly, and talking about The Sims 3, which she is also playing at the moment. She said to me, “It’s all about picking the right character traits, and horoscopes… for example, you don’t try to tame a Libra!”.

And I’m like, “oh man… that explains everything! That’s exactly what I did” (in the game, that is).  She’s a Libra, by the way, therefore a convenient reference to how wild a spirit she is… untamed heart, yeah whatever!!

She said I should have picked a more accommodating star sign, like a virgo.  I told her that would be likened to going for easy pickings, and that strategy isn’t quite for me!

I suppose this applies to real life, you can’t settle for easy prey! You work around the person in question… unless the said person is worth writing off. Just like a Sims 3 character.

Perhaps The Sims is just an outlet for me to vent all my man frustrations, and aids to temporarily melt away all emotions I can’t bury or let go off. Perhaps its my safety net from love crimes, or the final line of defence in case I say something too rude or regretful.  Sounds like an electronic voodoo doll without the black magic, doesn’t it?

Wait a minute, is my 13 year long addiction a game, or men?!


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