Spiritual pursuits!

I recently had 2/3 of what would seem like an Eat Pray Love journey. All I’m missing is the Italian leg of it.
In December, I went with Pam to Auroville and Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu, and last month I was with Anty in Bali. Both were meant to be spiritual in nature, but of course! There were so many highlights to both trips, but the greatest highlights of the trips  involve entering the Matrimandir (and not to mention elephant encounters) in India, and meeting Dagpo Rinpoche in Bali.
It was my first trip to India and an absolute treat! I went a little crazy on the incense since they are all made by the ashram but am barely burning them. We went to the ashram almost everyday, the energy was so amazing, but a bit much for me and I had headaches each time I went there to meditate.
I am definitely visiting India again, and this time, I’m thinking of going to live in an Osho ashram.
Here are photos from the India trip, some are taken from Pam’s camera. 

Chillin' on a hammock at Quiet Healing Centre

Buying some silk pouches from street children... thank goodness there are very few of them in Pondicherry, from what I could see.

At the shops selling temple offerings, right outside the temple. This funny boy in the big t-shirt (who's job is to watch over shoes of temple visitors) is always finding creative ways to get me to open my wallet.

On the way home from visiting tsunami stricken Tranquebar... an elephant appears out of nowhere!

But all is friendly.

Pam and I made some friends in Michael and Hari, locals who work in France 6 months in a year, then spend the other 6 months in Pondicherry managing their homestay. We're at a coffee shop.

The Matrimandir, otherwise known as Temple of the Mother.

After feeding the elephant (Lakshimi) twice, she wouldn't bless me on the head, much to the amusement of the locals.

Finally a local takes pity on me and hands me a coin, probably 1 or 2 rupees, and Lakshimi blesses me on the head. Under instruction from the caregiver, or mahout, if you like.

Goats are everywhere, and I love them! Wish I could keep a couple.

With Pam and Kat, visiting the social enterprise which makes jewellery out of coconut husks, sea shells and other materials.

Catching up over dinner, with Pam and Kat.

At our fave restaurant - Surguru! Where we would have our daily Mosambe orange drink. Yes this trip was so big on spirituality, we even had to frequent a restaurant with the word "guru" in it.

Purified water in Auroville

Colonial architecture in Pondicherry, which was colonised by the French

A man carrying as much bread as he possibly can. We even saw a family with two goats on a scooter.


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