Barefoot running clinic in Singapore!

Ok, for those of you who know me, I know you would never use the word “sporty” or “athletic” to describe me. Perhaps in secondary school when I was enrolled in athletics as an extra curricular activity… me being me… I quit because I found it too strenuous, opting instead to stick to activities that allow me to lie down, such as air rifle, where holding a gun made me feel powerful also, and I was part of the chess club… which let me sit down and taunt others. Life was so simple back then…

This weekend, I’ll be at a barefoot running clinic led by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee. It’s not all play, but work too, since it’s organised by my clients Terra Plana. I’ll be in my Vivobarefoot kicks donning a sporty look, which should disarm anyone who knows me.

Come down if you’re keen! Barefoot running is not a romantic sport, but I see it as a natural form of running, and a way to connect to the earth again. Through using other muscles, you condition your feet and body to move as nature intended. I’m sold! I might be athletic in the near future!

The clinic is $38, and if you’d like a copy of the book with the session, it’ll cost $60. It begins at 4pm, and it will be held at the Botany Centre Function Room (2nd storey) in The Botanical Gardens. Hope to see you there!


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