Off to Neverland

Most of us are going for the mohawk

I apologise for the hiatus!

In my last few weeks I’ve been busy with work and neglecting my blog. Here are a backlog of photos of fun times with Jacq and Johahn aka Jojo.

More than a month ago, Jacq and I said we’d have a quiet one with Jojo but there is really no such thing. The problem with the three of us is that we have no gag reflex to anything when put together. One enables the other and the other, and comes full circle. Three thirty-somethings start behaving like teenagers.

I will not go into details but to say that the reckless night which began at No. 5 (with a waiter called Handsome) continued at Neverland, an amazingly huge Thai disco at Orchard Plaza. Haven’t been to that building since the Fire disco days.

The night went down in history to be one of the most entertaining nights ever, where we all got so retarded. And I had alcohol poisoning. WTH.

Jacq trying to achieve the Joshua hair

Jacq with "Handsome" Joshua

1-for-1 Martinis! We had quite a few Lychee Martinis!

There. He's Handsome, just as I said

Quite a few drinks to get through


Jojo trying to charm the shooter girl. Jacq feeling thirsty

Hilarious photo - I don't even know what's going on!

A clear sign that it's really the end of the night. But no, I persisted to bite off more than I could chew!


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