Mediawhoring… and do you like my dress?

Inside, I’ve always wished to be featured as a veg hero in VegVibe and I was stoked when Halimah, one of the publishers, who writes and photographs, interviewed me for their latest issue.

Today’s official launch of the inaugural issue took place at the National Library, and I spoke briefly on environmentalism in Singapore, the current issues and its solutions. Was so happy to see many of my veggie and environmental peers, most of whom I’ve not seen in more then three months. 

I have to say, I was most surprised to be described as the girl next door. People who know me would chuckle at this description. It is more usual to be called the crazy girl next door… the girl next door with the chickens… the girl next door who doesn’t seem to have a job. I respond to all!

There are 3,000 copies available, and they will be distributed at restaurants islandwide. A softcopy will also be available for download at their website shortly.  

Today was a massive mediawhoring day for me! Naturally, I’m over the moon!

Check out this pic of Willow and I at the park. She is looking grumpy as usual. Funny bird!


4 thoughts on “Mediawhoring… and do you like my dress?

  1. Great coverage Olivia. It’s always great to see the benefits of vegetarianism put into the spotlight.
    It could have been your suggestive list or the small font size, but I read the first line of the article as “egregious girl-next-door” (:

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