My aura is orange

Yesterday, I visited Fu Lu Shou Complex with my spiritual buddies Pam and Brenda to have our auras photographed. Using Kirlian technology, these special cameras require the subject to place their hands on metal plates and keep still during the five second photography session.

I had my aura photographed at two seperate shops, and the photo was more or less the same, however, very different from Pam’s and Brenda’s, who both exuded more spiritual energy. We all demonstrated success traits though, so we were very pleased with ourselves!

So what’s with all the orange?

Initially I was worried that it might be indicative of my hot temperedness and frustration, but really it just represents creativity and artistic flair.

Green represents healing energy or qualities of a good educator, while gold represents optimism anad radiance.

If you wish to have yours taken, visit Kang Li Crystals on the first floor. For $5 you will receive a document explaining your aura colours, along with a polaroid of you and your aura. Ask one of the sales assistants for an explanation if you need some clarity.   

I’ll be back next month to monitor my colours. The goal is to have rainbow colours!


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