Wasted weekends

Hacienda... at one of their expat parties

By that I do not mean that I have been wasting my weekends. However, this is subjective, depending on who you ask. My parents would probably say I could use my time more productively instead of sleeping into the afternoon.

I prefer to go by the notion that weekends are for getting wasted on liquor, although not too much, otherwise Sundays would be totally spent recuperating when one could be hanging out with cocktails by the beach.

Today I miss the experience of having a drink or two, but while my fridge is loaded, I am feeling a little under the weather, so I can only think dream reminisce about the taste.  Looks like I will be spending this whole week steeped in sobriety. Reality check.

Last weekend was a completely subdued one, since I was really tired from conferences and organising Green Drinks, plus I was beginning to feel the onset of a throat infection. The week before involved a little more drinking and dancing, and maybe just a smidgeon of cavorting. Once I get better, and I swear I’m fighting this virus tooth and nail, I’m partying harder than ever!!

I miss Tanjong Beach Club and would love to lounge around lazily like sharpeis do next week Sunday and douse myself in alcohol. Done. Penciled in!

Here are photos from the last couple weekends, and a slight description of who I was with and where I was.

Also, would like to say hello and thank you to the mysterious gentleman in the dark vehicle who did a drive-by shout out saying, “Olivia, love your blog! Vegetarianism forever!”. That was very kind of you, thanks for appreciating my inane ramblings! It made my night and definitely made me feel special! Cheers!

Friday night two weekends back! Chris T has his birthday partay at The Screening Room rooftop bar

After Chris palms off his Long Island Iced Tea to me and a Strawberry Daquiri, I start saluting cameras

Then it seemed like a good idea to accost Akshay

Off to Hacienda I went. This pic is a bit blurry, but use your imagination!

Here I am with Pam, Zoe, Jacqueline and Bill!

Saturday night! My fave haunt. Killing time while I wait for Niels to haul his ass to Butter Factory. Ended up crashing a farewell party (by myself) from a Google executive

The bartenders who kept quoting me different prices for Mojitos, with a different flava each time. They were pretty damn bad!

With Sanne, a nice lady I met from Amsterdam on the night

Finally made it to The Butter Factory. What a crowd. Couple arguing. Men should never raise their hand like that... it makes them look like douchebags

A very happy Niels. His last weekend partying up before going home to Germany, after his year-long internship with ECO Singapore

Last Saturday, was back at Fullerton Bay Hotel to meet old journalist friends and ex colleagues, plus Jess was celebrating her birthday!

All the birthday peoples were called on stage

Shaffiq giving his best impression of The Rock!

Joan making a face at Satish

Next stop, to Stereolab for their 1st year anniversary party! Caught up with Pam, Jacqueline and cronies, not forgetting Nigel too! Someone walked through our phototaking session at this point

There's Nigel!

With some of the ladies! From left: Sara, Pam, and Jacqueline!

Dean Chew, who was on the decks for the night. One example of a cool vegetarian (I just had to say that)!

Waiting outside for Sanjay to go eat prata at Jalan Kayu

Hokay, Sanjay's here! Time to go!


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