Best cocktails ever.

I love catching up with G because he has such good taste, and is such a creative spirit.

He suggested that we meet at Klee at Portsdown Road for drinks last week after having been away for a week in the Australian Outback for a retreat. I’ve heard of the bar for so long now and had never been, since it’s only convenient to get to with a car.

Upon arriving, the bartender asked what I felt like having. Being me, I always go for the fruity drink to cheat myself into believing that I’m really having a healthy drink. So yes, you’re very likely to see me with a Strawberry Daquiri/Margherita, Screwdriver, or Choya in my hand at a party. The barman came back with a rum-based drink with calamansi and basil – very nice. Definitely the best cocktail I’ve had in Singapore.

What’s the name of the drink? The barman wouldn’t say!

Do visit them if you haven’t already, if you enjoy a decently put together cocktail! Unfortunately this country is full of uninspiring ones!

The drink with no name

We pretty much got the whole place to ourselves!

I like that mailbox

Good night! Will be back soon!



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