Texting is taxing

I don’t get why some people use text messaging as a means to have a conversation. Personally, I hate it.

Perhaps it has everything to do with the fact that I’m lousy at multi-tasking. Someone recently made me feel better about it by saying that multi-taskers are unproductive people. Well, the ability to mono-task doesn’t exactly exclude unproductive behaviour though. I am quite a big subscriber of unproductivity. Reluctantly, but inevitably, I can’t help myself!

Or maybe I’m just plain old-school, where I prefer a phone call and a friendly voice at the end of the line.

I feel that if you’re going to send me a text message asking, “Hi, how are you?”, you must as well drop me an email about it.  And while you’re at it, you can even attach a photograph! I’m quite a visual person and would most certainly appreciate that.

Is it because people have anywhere from 500 free text messages as part of their mobile phone plan? Is this behaviour unique to people residing in Singapore? Are they talking to me to kill time?!

All in all, it’s just insincere, and it can be seen as being cheap. I say, I say, use the short message sending function the way its meant to be used – a discreet message in case the recipient is in a meeting, or as a quick reminder to someone, not a to-and-fro, long dragged out form of communication. 

Call me!!!   

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One thought on “Texting is taxing

  1. I totally agree! I hate long drawn out SMS conversations too… Annoys the hell out of me! Why can’t people just pick up the phone and call? It’s much faster n so much more direct!

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