I’m so in love with rooftop bars right now.

Eversince I visited the Fullerton Bay Hotel’s rooftop bar, Lantern, I have been making it a point to pop by when I can. The view is stunning, and the vibe there is magical, and reminds me of Hong Kong. While it has not been officially launched, it is open to the public. Of course, the dresscode here is super stylish. That, or risk feeling left out.

The other rooftop bar I patronised last week was Mr Punch, located on the roof of the Mint Museum. Recommended by Johahn, the bar has some decent happy hour 1-for-1 deals, so I do see myself coming back here more often.

In the course of the night, Johahn told me that he likes my camera because it has what he calls the “Indian flash”, or the double flash. He only buys cameras which have that function, he said!

Eve joined us later in the night and felt gastronomically abandoned when she found out that Johahn had turned pescetarian. Her initial reaction was, “What’s a pescetarian? Sounds like ‘Presbytarian’!”

When she realised what he’d meant, she was incredulous, and realised she was outnumbered, and so she did not eat meat in our presence that night! 

Another rooftop bar I’m dying to try is 1-Altitude at OUB Centre. Taller than Marina Bay Sands and the Stamford, this bar is the highest one in Singapore and naturally, one of the highest ones in the world. However, given the wet weather, my topless fetish will just have to wait another weekend!

Johahn's silhouette

The "Indian flash" proved too blinding for him

When Johahn tried to explain to Eve that he's pescetarian, not Presbytarian!


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