Weekend at the beach

My favourite beach address

Last weekend, I spent most of it indoors. Of course I had to have some social intercourse, so I went to check out the Fullerton Bay Hotel rooftop on Saturday for a tipple… or two!

The weekend before that, however, I was at Tanjong Beach Club on both Saturday and Sunday. Love the vibes! Saturday night was almost dead because it was a World Cup night, and Sunday was the 4th of July, so it was packed!

Dogs were out in full force to celebrate also!

Of course, no social intercourse session was without inappropriate remarks. I had someone say to me on Sunday, “I have a big package!”. Of course I didn’t stick around to find out!

Check out the pics!

An excitable Pam and a chilled out Jessie

Hin, Sara and Farrah

The bunch of us

With Marc Dass... enjoying the beach without Robin!

Cheryl, Theresa and Marc

Super beer pong!

Gaurang + Renzo + Bill

Dipping my toes in the pool... should I..?

Maybe not!!!

I want to charge into that bubble!

Mesmerising to watch when drunk!


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