In Penang

The groom, Ming.

As you know, I was in Penang last weekend for just over 24 hours to celebrate Ming & Ailyn’s wedding. I saw some Australian friends I hadn’t met in years – this is from the time I used to party study there. 

Caught up with an ex-boyfriend who was also at the wedding. Seriously every wedding I attend, I seem to see one of them (and I’ve only had 5, ok)! It was good seeing him again after three years since he last visited Singapore with his fiancee.

It was like a Pinang sausage party, since most of the men did not bring their partners, and so there was a lot of shit talking and it was pretty hilarious!

We did a fair bit of chillin’ by the pool, before hunting for food, the wedding reception, followed by a bit of night clubbing and supper. I was so knackered I slept at on the club couch!

 Here are the photos!

One of the few pools at the Shang

Ian, Koh, and Rob

Joe making a toast to Ming & Ailyn

Koh and Melissa

Brian and Joe changing the songs. At some point, Akon's "I want to Fuck you" was accidentally played, and not stopped in time! Hilarious!


Me doing my usual posing

Stealing the bridal bouquet (Photo stolen from Benny Lee)

With Ming! Congrats, dude!

Watching the parents dance

Yaaaam seng, y'all!

An Asian night out is never complete without playing hand games!!


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