Catching up with old friends and new ones

Nice warning, guys!

I often walk past this hotel entrance sign and I wonder if it is common practice to carry guns around?

So yesterday, I went to say hello to Ronnie, Matt and his wife Marianne, and we had a lovely dinner near their Fort Bonifacio pad. It’s been years since I last saw them all, and had a great time catching up with what’s happened these last few years.

Friggin’ hilarious bunch! It was just like the good ol’ times!

Today, I caught up with Bryan McClelland, founder of Green Drinks Manila. He’s doing some amazing work here with a social enterprise called Bambike. Also he is looking at developing eco-tourism outside of Manila and plenty of stuff. Not bad for a 26-year old!

He loves bamboo, and drives around with a couple of bamboo bikes clipped to the back of his car. Even the roof rack is bamboo! Check it out!

This is the recycling bin at Matt & Marianne's, made from magazine pages woven together

Matt & Ronnie


With the funny bunch!

Gorgeous tasting cupcakes


With the very handsome Bryan McClelland, founder of Green Drinks Manila!

The bamboo bikes he straps on the back of his car

Bamboo roof racks!


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