In Womanilas

Eversince my friend suggested I insert a “wo-” in front of every word that has a man in it – one specific example being “womancipating” instead of emancipating (a feministic thing) – I’ve been doing so at any given opportunity. I also have another friend who enjoys putting an ‘s’ after many words that don’t have nor need one. So I have adopted a speech pattern that combines the two styles.  I shall start off this post by declaring, “This week, I am in Womanillas!!”

What am I doing here?

A bit of work and play. I’m here to see a client, the Green Drinks organiser, and some friends. Also, with a clean energy forum happening here this week, several industry peers are here, including a good friend of mine, YP. Of course we just had to head out to have a stiff drink!  I could do with handsome company anytime!

More pics to come!

Having a nightcap at Aruba


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