Veggie Singles Full Moon partay pics

Welcome to the Full Moon Party!

Weeks ago, Emilie and I hosted the second Veggie Singles Night with the folks at Food#03. The night went well, we had the company of about 45 people, and loads of donations of fruit and veggies for the soup kitchen, thank you all for your kind contributions!

No I didn’t get lucky, I did however make a fair few new friends, which I’m awfully pleased about!

To be honest, I was quite subdued that night because I was still recovering from a stomach flu and could not drink, so not a shred of rowdy behaviour from me! What a dull child I was!! Boo!

Anyway, here are pics from the night!

The menu!

The Food#03 crew

Ser Ming, the resident tarot card reader

Social intercourse in session

With fruit and veg from the shrine

The harrassment ban on the bar boy fell on dead ears

"Better luck next time!"

Enjoying casual conversation

Chillin' outside on a cool night

Sausage partay!

Love that neon sign!

With James

My veggie partner in crime - EmilieO! Looking ethereal!


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