A public secret

So many people know about this but want to keep it a secret. I’ve heard so many people saying it! But guess what, one of our local beauty magazines was at Papa Palheta‘s interviewing one of the owners and in two month’s time, it should be swarming with a much larger crowd on the already bustling weekends.

Decided that I too, will write a story on them based on the fact that their coffee beans are sustainably sourced. Palatable physically and morally! Love their latte. And I am not even a coffee drinker.

So I was there with Linds enjoying a real cuppa (not the fake shit that has flooded the market), and the weather was wet but perfect… nothing could dampen the experience, in fact, it just felt like they had a mild water feature on the roof and added to the character of this quaint coffee joint.

Go give it a try at 140 Bukit Timah Road if you haven’t already! Beat the crowd before it’s officially public!

One of my favourite coffee buddies, ever!

Even if I can't have in the form of a person, at least I have it in my latte!

Me about to deliciously devour my latte! (image stolen from under Linda's nose)


6 thoughts on “A public secret

  1. The latte looks yum…I will check out this cafe when I’m around that area. Btw, I love your coffee buddy’s stylish retro spectacles!

  2. Hey Olivia,
    Looking forward to our next cuppa at PPP!

    @Joy- Glad you like the retro frames; they’re from The Eye Place. By wearing them, I was channeling another stylo friend – local fashion designer Jo Soh.

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