The emancipation of me, me!


After an awful bout of stomach flu where I found myself experiencing a dimension of pain I could only describe as my closest experience to death, I lapsed into a stubborn indifference towards time, food and life. Negative thoughts pervaded my every conscious moment and my sense of humour seemed misplaced.

It got me thinking that I had look at what was keeping me from being happy, and most importantly, from being myself. So I decided to springclean my life of all the things that were distracting me from my life purpose and goals, and thought about what was working, and what wasn’t.

I found the most prevalent issue was how much I’ve been saying yes to others and no to myself. I was reminded of how one of my tarot card readers warned that I would be swamped with opportunities and that I would be happy as long I didn’t have too much on my plate.

I found this warning realising more and more and coupled with Pam’s reminder of how I had to focus on one goal instead of stretching myself so thin, I made a decision to let go of certain work projects.

I felt so guilty initially and after a lot of power struggles between my higher self and physical self, plus some necessary mediation between friends, I mustered the gumption to break the news to the relevant parties. And while they didn’t take it so well, all was fine after a while, and I got over my guilt.  I now feel so free!

When was the last time you reassessed your life and did a springclean of your routines, and even your list of friends who might be wearing you out?

Life is too short to live like you’re stuck in second gear, and it’s important to surround yourself with people you love and trust (and will, morbidly enough, take a bullet for) and vice versa, as well as activities that give meaning to your life and others!

Yay! To a happy life ahead!  

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2 thoughts on “The emancipation of me, me!

  1. Hey dude!!

    Sustainable PR, and Green Drinks Singapore are my main priorities! Contributing stories will still be important, but I’ll need to build my biz!


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