Having a Fabulous time!

Some weeks back, I went with Pam and Jaime to check out the launch party of Fabulous Group‘s Hawaiian Spa branch at Tan Quee Lan Street (you might know them better as the people who brought you Fabulous Tan).

I fell in love with the realistic-looking coconut tree, and I kept gushing about it to the owner, Rich. Yes, I was a bit drunk when I got there! Nevermind it was only 6.30pm!

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that I go for the occasional Brazillian wax, and I’ve been quite seduced by the idea of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light, not Indian Premiere League, which is also quite seductive when you come to think of it). Saying goodbye to unwanted hair and the bi-monthly session of pain forever, not a bad thing!

So Rich gave us a tour of the new premises, which has a strong beach theme, and let us have a taste of what IPL felt like on the inside of our arms, explaining that he can’t do it on the hairy side because the hair has to be of a certain short length, any longer and it will burn, emitting an unpleasant odour in the process. So prior to the IPL session, customers need to shave the specified area. Surprisingly enough, the sensation on receiving each zap of the laser was a cool one, and not painful. I had to get me some sessions!

After citing my interest, Rich kindly gave me a trial package, and I used the first session earlier this week.

Sober or not, I was happy to revisit the coconut tree (which even has sand surrounding the base, how cool is that?!), I want one of those in my living room! I kicked back in the relaxing waiting area while waiting for my turn.

I was attended to by a very pleasant young lady, and the session was over in under 10 minutes, believe it or not! Given the bikini line area is a bit more sensitive than my arm, the zap from the laser head was more noticeable, but it’s not really painful.

The lady elaborated that Fabulous Tan has the latest machines available on the market and therefore it is relatively painless compared to some of the older models held by some of other providers. She finished off the session by explaining the do’s and don’ts, and reminded me to come back once a month to ensure that the treatment is effective. I was also told that by the 2nd session, I would see noticeable changes, and by the 5th, I would probably have experienced my desired result.

If you’re looking for an IPL provider, I would suggest Fabulous Tan because of their friendly and prompt service. They are offering a limited trial pricing plan, so do check out their website  on IPL services to find out more.

Fabulous Group offers a whole bunch of beauty services also, such as spa, facial, hair and eyelash extensions. Check out their extensive repertoire of services on their website here, and on Facebook here.

I will let you know how I go with these treatments! Looking forward to always being bikini-ready!

That sexy tree!

Services and pricing

The waiting area! Nice!

The room, which exudes a warm and cosy feeling

That magic machine


During the opening some weeks' back, with Genecia Luo, Pam and Richard Sng (Photo taken from Genecia Luo)

Drunk and displaying OCD tendencies with plastic fruit! (Photo forcefully taken from Jaime Kwang)


2 thoughts on “Having a Fabulous time!

  1. Hi, I’d like to ask how was your brazilian IPL at fabulous? I’m thinking if I should sign up their underarm IPL package.. but having doubts if it’s effective like I won’t need to wax, or shave, or tweeze even if it’s once a week.. hoping for your opinion.. thanks!

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