Launched: Friends of Terra Plana corner

Last week, I was pleased to be involved in Terra Plana’s launch of their new section devoted to sustainable brands, otherwise known as the Friends of Terra Plana corner. The first two labels introduced were Bird and Ella.

I emceed this event and got to meet some interesting people, and it was good seeing some of my friends there also.

Wilson Ang kindly came down and was cajoled (by me) to give an introduction on ECO Singapore and the Million Acts of Green which they are currently campaigning for.

Here are photos from the day!

Designer Ella (second from left) with her husband and friends

Rina Raveh, who does the marketing for Ella, and has her own line of jewellery

Talking with Linda Tom, who rocked up in her pair of Terra Plana's for the night! She looked awesome!

A romantic photo of Stuart from CHOOSE (yes, the eco store) with Keith from Terra Plana.

With Keith and Wilson

With the Terra Plana team! What a funny bunch, and a joy to work with!

Photos taken from the Terra Plana Singapore Facebook group page


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