How can you tell she’s good in bed?

Today I received a call from a friend I absolutely adore but had not spoken to in a while, and we chatted as I was waiting on ♥ to take her pick from racks of feminine work shoes.

The conversation graduated to gossip, as is sometimes expected when two women get together, and the topic moved to a girl I didn’t know much about. I said I couldn’t comment since I didn’t know the party involved, but shared that one critic likened her looks to that of a prostitute, and my twinkle friend agreed, adding that men only like this girl because “she looks like she is good in bed”.

But what does that mean? I was quite curious, and evidently so was ♥ when she asked, “Do you think I look like I’m good in bed? What makes a person look like she is good in bed?”

And so I asked on Facebook, “What attributes constitutes to looking like she is good in bed?”

I had some hilarious responses, like “the size of her mouth?” and “strong thighs, firm butt, high cheekbones, and a defined deltoid muscle?” which were pretty telling of the men who suggested them.

Then a female friend stepped in and said that there is no one set answer since a perverted man would “fantasise about sex with any object”, and a male friend completely disagreed, stipulating that some women are gifted with a certain look to indicate their sexual prowess.

I suppose my answer would be the way that a woman moves, and the passion for life in her eyes. For that would be so smotheringly sexy… and my answer would be the same for the male gender.

Thoughts, anyone?

Image taken from stock.xchng


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