Fight Night!!!!

The Dragon vs Lightning!

I scored VIP tickets to last night’s Martial Combat fight at Resorts World Sentosa, and had the great company of Gerald Chew and Marc Dass. I had such a blast shouting profanities all night long, this is exactly the outlet I needed for my closet tourettes!

I almost turned the VIP section into the nosebleed section when I kept hearing someone shout “Taiwan” during the headlining fight between Mitch Chilson and Zhang Jing Xiong. I wanted to shove my fist so far down her throat (in a non sexual way)… I suppose this is what happens when one watches a lot of violence! I’m meant to be vegetarian, for Christ’s sake! But I decided to take the moral highground and just yelled in response at some point, “Shout the name, not the country!”

I can’t say I’m a MMA fan. I had a boyfriend who, incidentally trains at Evolve with Mitch, loves this and I would watch it with him, of course I felt it was direct competition to our quality time but I can see how it can be so addictive and exciting to watch.

While most of the fights did not make it past the first round, it was so much fun being a spectator. The headlining fight was nerve-wracking to watch! Two pretty boys with mad skills – It was like watching candy get thrown around the store… plus throw some blood into the fantasy mixed bag, and wow… a gaping jaw!

Big thanks to Dominic Khoo for these fabulous seats! I would love to be back but I can’t afford these tickets except for the ones in the real nosebleed section ($50). Well, I suppose it’s cheaper than therapy, so I might really pay next time!

The action was much clearer on the big screens

With Marc Dass and Gerald Chew. Fabulous company!

Paula was a great host but Robin Leong? His questions to the fighters always began with, "Were you surprised...?"

All ze fighters!

Mitch Chilson!

The act that started it all! Melanie Chee and her two calefares!

Ring girls! Epic fail!


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