Chickadees, mcnuggets, chicken dippers…


If you’ve been following my blog for the last two months, you’d know that I acquired a hen early last month from Jaki Teo, who’d saved it from the murderous cleaver of a prata man operating a stall in her neighbourhood.

Today, her 21 days of brooding paid off with the hatching of six eggs, and two yet to be determined. From three chickens, I now have nine! I turned to my brother and asked him what we should do next!

I said to him, “This unplanned pregnancy is all your fault!”. Something you rarely hear siblings say to each other, naturally.

He proceeded to buy a cage for the new mother and her brood, and lined it with shredded newspapers. I was rather amused as I watched him and his girlfriend fuss over the “lil ‘uns”, as he calls it.

At the moment, we’re trying not to kill it with our negligence, and we’re feeding them as much as we can.

More updates to come, definitely!

The first to break out of its shell, as can be seen by its dry, yellow puffball feathers


Narcoleptic bunch!

Two of the eggs breaking open ever so slightly


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