Seoul calling!

Feeling romantic in Myungdong

I am now in Seoul with my mom and I have been stuffing my face since we landed this evening!  I’m here for Kyung-Suk Park’s wedding, which happens Friday, and heaps of friends from my university days are coming up also – happy days!

Thought I’d share a photo of this mango softserve ice cream I had after dinner… super tasty, and cheap for S$2.40! It’s very popular, and the shop draws quite a crowd.

I must try all the other flavours!

Look at the size of that!

Popular stuff!


3 thoughts on “Seoul calling!

    • Thanks, Claudia!! We do need ice cream like that in Singapore!!! It’ll be soooo popular, I reckon!!

      Annyeong Veg, I eat cold noodles, japchae, bibimbap a lot… and fruits when I go drinking! Last night I had blackbean noodle (jajjangmyeon). It’s not easy to eat veg here… I had to be a dirty veg at times.

  1. annyeong Olivia!
    I hope you’re having fun in Korea. What do you do for food over there? Or do you skip straight to dessert each meal (:

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