Waxing lyrical

Pain can sometimes be my friend.

Not the type that accompanies a shattered heart (and inevitably a bottle of spirits) or accidents I occasionally inflict upon myself from being a natural klutz. Sometimes I feel like the universe plays pranks on me as a way of saying “Haha! Didn’t see that coming, did you?”, even at my astrologer’s insistence that accidents happen as a result of not focussing on the task at hand, nothing else. Although he did say my natal chart dictates that I am accident prone.

The type of pain I’m embacing here is the Brazillian wax. I make sure to pay a trip to waxing specialists Strip every two months or so to keep my bikini line in check.

Earlier this week, I got to try a complimentary session at the House branch on Demsey Road, which is one of the different beauty retail offerings available at Beauty Emporium.

Upon entering the Beauty Emporium, my senses felt arrested by its delightful visuals, scents, and background music.  Although I was already late for my appointment (my excuse being the wet weather), I felt almost instantly relaxed, plus I was so relieved to be indoors on such a rainy day.

Audrey, my therapist, made me feel very comfortable in my half-naked state as we conversed about her move from China to Singapore. Somewhere in there, she recommended that I try IPL since it works out to be cheaper in the long run. I was sold on the idea, but said that I would probably give it a go once I start making some decent dosh from my new public relations consultancy, Sustainable PR. Besides the pain factor, I suppose it would also mean that I wouldn’t need to flash my genitals to as many women in this small country. Sweeeet!

Anyone who has gone for one of these sessions knows that it’s over in a flash. After around 15 minutes of waging follicular war (I won!), I was up and about and bikini-ready!  

Do check out the other services at Beauty Emporium. Besides Strip, visitors can check out Browhaus, Mask, Books Actually and Spa Esprit, among others.

Strip at Beauty Emporium is open daily from 10am – 9pm. You can find them at  Blk 8D, Level 2, Dempsey Road, and contact them at 6475 7833. Find them on Facebook here.

The operating table

Don't forget to breathe!

Another stark reminder on the ceiling.

The chocolate wax they use for the delicate area. Looks yummy!

Green label product! Just the thing I like to see!

The manicure area, with a view to a peaceful sea of greenery.

Just lovely!


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