Creative engagements

Recently I saw a photostory – twice in seperate dailies! – about a man who works at advertising medium Clear Channel proposing to his girlfriend using one of the company’s outdoor advertising portals located at a busy bus stop. This, after his girlfriend asked him to top a proposal she’d heard about on the Singapore Flyer.

My cousin said to me yesterday that he wasn’t the least impressed, and shared how he’d proposed to his girlfriend on a beach with a view to a kill in Hua Hin. He insisted his proposal was more romantic, and not just at some bus stop.

I told him that I liked the proposal as it was somewhat unique in the sense that it is not repeatable in Singapore, since this is a one-off event by Clear Channel, who don’t do personal ads. At least it wasn’t one of those cinema advertisements that have been done before, which can be easily purchased, although pricey. 

I then told him how I envied Seal’s proposal to Heidi Klum in an igloo he’d built, and how men should go all out to make a creative and romantic proposal. For me, Seal’s proposal is the one to top!

I can’t say I’ve heard of any dramatically romantic proposals from my circle of friends. One of my friends even told me how he turned to his girlfriend and just suggested that they get married. Too practical, maybe?

I was thinking that it would be nice to be proposed to in a hot-air balloon, perhaps over the African Savannah or some place exotic. Or what else would be romantic is if a couple went diving in a shallow area, and the man had used dead coral from the beach to create the message “Will you marry me?” on the sea bed.

I am a romance-hungry woman waiting to be fed stories (or better yet, fed love). Do you know of any romantic proposals?


3 thoughts on “Creative engagements

    • It’s a prelude, Hun! 😉

      There are sooooo many men out there… why oh why should we choose to spend forever with a man who can’t be bothered to surprise us big time? Blow her away with your proposal!!! Feb 13s deserve the love!!!

  1. ‘I am a romance-hungry woman waiting to be fed stories (or better yet, fed love).’

    That’s all well and fine, but speaking as a guy, I just want to be fed…heheheh.

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