Hardcore Happy!

The past weekend involved a little bit of drinking!

It was afterall, a weekend full of events and birthdays!

On Friday, I caught up with social calendar man Aaghir, who invited me to a couple of events. Everywhere I turned, I saw alcohol.

I moved from Bar on 5 at Mandarin Gallery, to Indochine Waterfront, and ended up at Butter Factory, where an adventure ensued! All of which I documented (in no uncertain terms) in a previous post on my singlehood (voluntary or otherwise).

Saturday night was a big girl’s night out at New Asia Bar, with two ladies celebrating their birthdays. The bartender hooked us up with free flow alcohol so that, on top of the drinks that were already being passed around… I was pretty damned sloshed that night!!

Here are the photos from that night!


4 thoughts on “Hardcore Happy!

  1. ‘Everywhere I turned, I saw alcohol.’

    Wow. Everywhere I turned (as I read this post and saw the photos), I didn’t know where to look. There was so much to see 🙂

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