How to lose your dignity and your chances of getting laid

A hazy memory!

On Thursday, after my two work meetings, after my Grey Goose-infused afternoon, I head to Artery, Screening Room then ended the pub crawl at Beaujolais. Somewhere in the middle I meet this crazy girl who said some curious things to me. I found a hint of Vicky Pollard of Little Britain fame in her. What a cracker!!

I decided to illustrate this one Marjane Satrapi style (bastardised version).

I couldn’t believe how ridiculous that conversation was. That wasn’t just it. She also went to my friend and said to him, “Kiss me! Kiss me!”… “It’s not like I want your number or anything… It’s not like I want to take you home.”

I let her dance with me, and I didn’t want to dance with her because I hate dirty dancing with women, it’s so attention-seeking. It’s like saying to men, “Hey look at me, this could be you getting all of this.”

I was so tired and restless that night, and at least she provided me with some entertainment. Mysteriously, she disappeared into the night, as mysteriously as she appeared.


5 thoughts on “How to lose your dignity and your chances of getting laid

  1. Thats freaking hilarious! and WEIRD!!! haha..nice illustrations. not sure if you’ve seen the movie hedwig and the angry inch, your pics reminded me of that movie….:) nice

  2. Ha ha haaaa!!! She was quite a character. Like the type which one watches with hands over eyes… but still peeking!!!

    Thanks! I tried to do the Chicken with Plums style of comic drawing! I think it’s fun to draw and I will do more of it. Keeps my blog looking fun! I’ll keep an eye out for Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

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