Let the freedom bell toll!

Three single ladies celebrating our freedom!

Tonight, Pam, Brenda and myself had a nice dinner at Din Tai Fung, followed by dessert at  Fruit Paradise then drinks at Loof. We talked about love and career possibilities and how we will manifest only the best lives for ourselves!

Pam talked about the importance of letting go of things in life that do not seem to be working, and shared that this action is a beautiful one, as to let go means to fear less and love more.

A friend Katherine recently said to me that she will live in her truth and in her love. I think that is the best thing anyone can do for themselves, and I’m inspired to do so too!

Unfortunately, Pam was unwell and couldn’t join Brenda and I at Butter Factory, but I’m sure she will bounce back to the pink of health soon. By the way, Brenda has a new perm, and we likey!

The three of us are now single, all at the same time, so… mothers, lock up your sons!!

Pam and Brenda... and someone's feet in the background.

The chaps in the background are quite distracting, yes, I know.

Perusing the scene at Butter Factory.

Reserved for only top shelf men!!

Brenda and her sexy new curls!

Too cool for school!


2 thoughts on “Let the freedom bell toll!

  1. how is it that 3 gorgeous ladies could be single at any time, let alone at the same time. To see one is akin to the solar eclipse that even the stars themselves stop and admire in awe. To see 3 would surely stop the heavens and force the stars to align and make good on this travesty.

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