Grey goosing around!

I started off my long weekend early yesterday when I attended a mixology session with Grey Goose global brand ambassador Dimitri Lezinska, one half of the duo in the Cocktail Kings series that aired on Discovery Travel & Living some years back.

Witty, charming and sexy, Dimitri talked us through some facts and basics about mixing cocktails, sharing that the flavours should be delicate and not overwhelm the palate. He said it best when he said, “It’s not about drinking more, it’s about drinking better.

I was a little heavy handed with the vodka (no surprise, no accident) so when it came to drinking it, I started feeling the effects pretty quickly! Not a good idea since I was due for two work meetings after! It was good fun, ha haa!

At a seperate event yesterday titled Perfect Moments Framed in Time, Grey Goose introduced three special cocktails inspired by three local personalities Emma Yong, Daniel Boey and Wee Teng Ten, heralding the start of a series of unique cocktails concocted with leading men and women in mind.

The celebration took place at ONE°15 Marina Club as a prelude to Boat Asia 2010, of which Grey Goose is a sponsor. Returning for a second year, the annual event showcases luxurious sailing yachts, powerboats and super yachts.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Here are photos to show for it!

Uh huh!

The mixing zone!

Bar tools

The vodka and a range of mixers including celery, ginger, grapefruit and lemon juice

Julia introducing Dimitri

Dimitri giving us the basic know-how on mixing drinks

Sarah filling her shaker with ice

Pretending to know what I'm doing! (Photo taken from Jules!)

Trying to get the measurements "right" 😉

Ta daa!

Sarah, who's version came closest to Dimitri's

Demonstrating the use of absinthe in the second cocktail

The second cocktail, using orange infused vodka - made by someone else. Mine was a more intense pink, for some strange reason!


3 thoughts on “Grey goosing around!

  1. HY, I got it from Raoul! I have one in red also, I love it! Can’t buy it anymore, which is a shame. They should sell it as a classic!

    Claudia! Thanks for visiting, and for your kind compliment! I shall go check out Diana’s post!

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