Champion fling: do you have one?

Women are not so different from men.

We talk intimate details. We compare. We critique. We confess. What we like, what gets our rocks off, our deepest and darkest desires… It’s no fun keeping all these nuggets to ourselves sometimes.

Recently my friends were talking about “champion flings”. This is the more politically-correct term for trophy f**k.

“Do I have one?” I asked myself.

Not to discredit any of my ex-boyfriends here, but I’m referring to men with particular public credentials like awards in the looks department, or a badge of recognition… perhaps celebrities, models, or top 50 gorgeous bachelors or something to that highly superficial regard.

Hmmm. To be honest, I don’t actually! Which begs the question, do I want one?

I’m not one to go for flings because I am quite an emotional creature and I can get attached to people easily, although it’s rare for me to really like someone because of my highly picky and fickle nature. To fall deeply in love and maintain that for a month is quite a massive feat for me.

Having said all of this, I must admit that I did have my chances of champion flings, but was afraid that a moment of weakness would dent my “market value”. What if this act hurt my future romantic chances with other men? With Singapore being as small as it is, it’s hard to say who knows who.

I suppose it would be nice to have a champion fling… if I could love ’em and leave ’em, sure! But I am such a sap and I’m not sure I could. I was recently told that women are programmed in such a way that they cannot sleep with a man more than twice, or else emotional attachment will ensue, and that could prove to be a sticky situation. I definitely subscribe to that, but I think one time is enough to get sucked in!

What about you? Do you have one?

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4 thoughts on “Champion fling: do you have one?

  1. Perhaps you’re right, in Singapore it might hurt your chances for prospective (read: conservative) mates. Where I come from, though, a champion fling (or two) may actually increase your market value 😉

  2. i’ve had champion flings and loser flings…at the end of the day /nite or the nx morning wat counts is the number of times he had u you smiling silly….:}

    i guess im a little different. i don’t get emotionally involved with flings…thats why i get attracted to them in the first place.

    My longest fling actually lasted a few yrs…we’d call each other whenever….whenever..for whatever….
    the funny thing was, after that it was he who initiated that we should take it to another level and that was when i bolted.

    Its not an issue with commitment, he was just a fling. Its just that we sometimes have to be emotionally detached and for some odd reason i seem to know how to do that….hmmm

    and my dear ms. O with your looks and brains rest assured that u do not have to worry about your market value and if a guy ever worries about that he is not worth it. you will not be all you are, if it weren’t for all you were.

    a fling is a fling. if he’s a champion in bed than that’s a real champion!! 🙂

  3. Ha haa!! Thanks for your comments and kind compliments, Psychics Disarray! I do wish I could be so detached! I am envious, to say the least!

    I love your parting shot!

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