Love Boat

My long time buddy Benny invited me on a singles boat party last month. I just had to go! As you probably already know by now, I do love a little bit of mingling, and a little bit of alcohol… and I like men… more than a little!

While I did not meet a man that I was after, (since whoever said it was as easy as getting on a boat!) I had such a great time enjoying the night breeze, conversations, and oh my God, the food!!!

Benny got his neighbour to prepare some food for the cruise, and there were compliments all round. While the lontong was pretty much the only vegetarian dish, my appetite was completely satiated by its yummy taste. I need to start hanging at Benny’s and get acquainted with the neighbour!

At the end of the night, I met captain Cresswell Walker, and had an engaging conversation with him about spirituality. Since our conversation, he’s released his book titled A Voyage of Uncommon Sense: Sail 7Cs to Passion, Purpose and Power, which looks at pursuing one’s life purpose. I am currently reading it and will give him my feedback shortly. See his website here.

Benny says that he plans to have a unique party every month. This month, he’s organised a private dining event with a chef who is about to open his restaurant near the city. Regrettably, I will not be attending the dinner, but will probably swing by afterwards to have a sticky beak!

Captain Walker giving us a brief

Geraldine and I camhamming.

C'mon DJ, play that song!

Benny's neighbour prepared this tasty Malay cuisine spread!

Helloooo! I love this boat!!

Pretending like I own it, and welcoming people onboard!

Some of the ladies with Daren. One Lucky man!



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