A cosy evening

Friday wasn’t the big blowout I was expecting, but it turned out to be one of the more meaningful outings I had this year.

Jessie, Pam and I shared our love experiences and it was a very cosy affair, with no man getting in our way at this B-yond party at Oosh – for once! 

The narcissist in me missed not getting any physical attention, but at least one photographer asked to take my photo during the course of the night, so I didn’t need to go way out with my approval-seeking behaviour.  I kid, of course. About the approval-seeking part, I mean.

Damn, I love this goddess gown!

We didn’t stay for that long, and went for a late-night prata run at Spize on River Valley Road. I had my usual cheese and egg prata with teh halia.

I just received my goddess tarot cards and a book titeld Love Cards, which combines the study of astrology and numerology – very accurate! If you would like to find out exactly how accurate, visit www.7thunders.com!

Where the dj was stationed, but not much dancing was happening.

With Jessie and Pam.

I love this goddess dress!


That photo!


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