Not so elegantly wasted!

Last night I went out after a day of writing articles on sustainability, as well as doing research on spirituality. I told myself that I would have big fun no matter what, and went out with the mindset that I would end up drinking heaps!

Which I did!

After mixing, wine, beer and spirits, I  was on top of the world, but as this magical feeling goes, it never lasts long and usually results in a nasty toilet episode.

Which it did!

Regardless, it was an amazing night at Butter Factory with the company of Pam, Brenda, Izik, Matt, Jacq, Rebecca, Chereen and Mo.  Later on, I bumped into Benny Teo and friends, as well as a student from my last semester of teaching.

I’m looking forward to the next party, which is the B-yond party at Oosh next Saturday. I’ve been dying to wear my goddess dress down. For once I will not be dressed skankily!

I was telling Pam today that all I can think about these days are parties, and she just said that I have to relook my life purpose! Ha haa! But she is too right.

I am putting on my blinkers and seeking to increase my productivity.

I am too hedonistic! 

Pam and Brenda getting cosy on an unclaimed table.

Pam and I.

Me and Jacq (my enabler)

Benny and I. I love his zest in organising parties. He recently organised a love boat party, will post pics shortly.

With Vishnu, one of my previous students.

With Fabulosa Chereen and her man, Mo. We finally met!

With Jacq and her man, Matt! Such a great couple!

With Chereen and Dharni, whom I haven't seen in ages!


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