Hungry girls!

On Sunday, we wanted to eat at Wild Honey (my favourite restaurant, oh my!) but the queue was too long and decided to head to Skinny Pizza at Wheelock Place instead.

As you can tell from my dress, I am still in my I-love-Bali-and-while-I-was-there-I-felt-like-a-goddess phase. These days I only shop for goddess goods. I just put down an order on for a deck of goddess tarot cards! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

 I always look forward to catching up with Pam, Chereen and Brenda (whom we went to see later) because it’s always good fun, and they always give me clarity when my head and heart are clouded with rubbish thoughts and desires.

After chowing down one serve of soup and truffle fries and two pizzas, Pam and I bid adieu to Chereen and made our way to Takashimaya to watch Brenda work at the Citibank Gold customer appreciation event! After helping ourselves to freebies, we both left for home.

I was so tired from the crappola sleep that I got the previous night, I just had to go home to lie down.

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Chereen and Pam!

We are messy eaters!!


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