Bali bliss!

After a whole week of Bali, I’m not sure I’m ready for Singapore reality!

My brother texted me six days into my trip asking if I was already back home and I told him that I’d forgotten about that place! This was an unforgettable journey and as soon as I touched down at Changi Airport, I could hear Bali beckoning. For a moment I felt clairaudient! But no, it was my source speaking, and it said, “You must go back! You must buy a villa! You must spend months at a time there!”

The trip was nourishing for my soul and taught me several lessons of being independent, true to myself, and cleared my mind and heart of clutter. It forced me to look at myself and my human desires versus what my soul desires. My new mantra is: “Who cares? Get a life!”. Go and do what really matters instead of worrying about the minutia. All that talk and judgement is inconsequential.

I met so many spiritual people on this trip in the most unlikely of situations, and went wherever there was an open door. Everything I had planned for, except my visitation to Green School, did not happen. Instead I went to raw food parties, hung out in different parts of town and found out more about the local culture through conversations with friendly drivers.

When my girlfriends joined me midway, we went for a horseride, hosted a dinner party, went clubbing, enjoyed massages, indulged in shopping – the gratuitous and extravagant part of the trip. Overall, it was a nice balance of my spiritual and material sides!

I will post more photos soon, but here are just some of the memories of Bali that I hold in my heart.

With Gusti from the drum shop that I first visited two years ago.

With John Hardy, Founder of Green School. What a guy!

Enjoying the villa pool with Pam and Bren!

Me and a horse named Daytona. Pam, Bren and I did a beach stroll with our horsies.


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